CRYOTherm Care & Maintenance

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CRYOTherm is constructed of the highest quality and most durable materials of any hydrotherapy device on the market. Proper care and maintenance of your CRYOTherm will extend the life of its components and provide safe and sanitary environment for your athletes.

  1. The entire CRYOTherm should be completely drained, inspected, cleaned, and disinfected at least once a week. (Weekly Cleaning Procedure)
  2. CRYOTherm has seamless stainless-steel tanks with coved corners which are easily wiped down and don’t harbor bacteria. Stains in the tank that do not wipe away easily may be removed using cleaner and a Maroon Pad. Apply light to moderate pressure in the direction of the grain of the steel. Never use stainless steel cleaner to clean the tanks.
  3. The solid surface Corian exterior surface of CRYOTherm is also seamless, non-porous, and stain resistant. Any stubborn marks that do not easily wipe away can be buffed with a wet Maroon Pad, apply light to moderate pressure in a circular pattern.
  4. Filter cartridges should be cleaned frequently and replaced regularly to assure they remain effective in removing potentially harmful particles from the system that can damage CRYOTherm components. (Filter Cleaning Procedure)
  5. Consistent use of an enzyme cleaner will extend filter life and other hydrotherapy components by enhancing the cleanliness of the piping system. (Use of ORB Enzymes)
  6. Routine culturing of the tanks should be done. Culturing kits are available from Grimm Scientific. Further guidelines for culturing can be obtained through clinical laboratory or hospital infection control departments.
  7. Consult your Grimm representative with questions or problems.