CRYOTherm Weekly Cleaning Procedure

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  1. Move all switches on the control panel to the “off” position.
  2. Open the drain valve(s) to drain the tanks.
  3. When tanks are empty remove the filter cartridge(s). See the Changing the Filter Cartridge instructions for further instructions.
  4. Remove any debris from around the pump suctions, drain covers, filter housing, and hydrotherapy jets.
  5. Use pure disinfectant spray (or comparable product) to clean all exposed surfaces of the tank, the Corian exterior, and the inside of the filter housing. Allow disinfectant to stand on the surfaces for at least 30 seconds before wiping. Note: longer contact times may be required for certain pathogens, refer to product label for specific instructions.
  6. Examine tank walls, exterior surfaces, and associated components for damage and visual cleanliness. Remove any stains using the techniques described in the CRYOTherm Care and Maintenance instructions. Report any damage to your Grimm representative.
  7. Install a clean filter cartridge(s), refer to the Changing the Filter Cartridge instructions.
  8. Close drain valves.
  9. Fill tanks according to procedure described in the CRYOTherm Set Up and Operation instructions.
  10. Refer to the Water Balance instructions for information and advice about keeping water clean and sanitized.