Delivery & Installation

We offer installation supervision with every CRYOTherm purchase.

Our factory technician will deliver your CRYOTherm and then supervise its unloading and placement in the hydrotherapy area.

Prior to production, we will ensure your unit fits your space and can be moved through doorways. The unit arrives completely self-contained so installation is quick and easy, even in difficult spaces. Finally, our factory representative will do a full in-service with your staff.

View full installation guide here.

1. CRYOTherm is delivered in a truck, a forklift (or dock) is needed to remove it from the truck.

2. CRYOTherm is lifted onto its back so it can be rolled into the room with the attached casters.

3. CRYOTherm is designed to fit through standard doorways.

4. CRYOTherm is rolled into place in the hydrotherapy room.

5. Casters are removed and CRYOTherm is lowered into place.

6. CRYOTherm is set on the ground using a pallet jack.

7. Once in place, water is connected to the CRYOTherm and the unit can be plugged in.

8. Once CRYOTherm is running, the technician will perform field testing and in-service.