Sanitation Store

Proper care and maintenance of your CRYOTherm will extend the life of its components and provide a safe and sanitary environment for your athletes.

We are pleased to provide you with all the supplies you need. To place an order or get a quote, call us at 800-223-5395.

Cleaning Supplies

CRYOTherm’s stainless steel tanks and Corian surfaces are seamless, non-porous, and won’t harbor bacteria.

A regular cleaning regimen will assure years of safe and sanitary operation.

Filter Cartridges

CRYOTherm is equipped with easily accessible top-load filters for quick and convenient cartridge replacement.

Like all of our supplies, replacement cartridges can be purchased on our website, or via phone.


CRYOTherm Hydrotherapy Systems are FDA approved to eliminate dependence on chemicals by draining and cleaning at least once a week.

However, these products are available to provide the chemicals necessary to operate with a chemical sanitizer when needed.