Starting from day one and throughout the life of your CRYOTherm, Grimm is here to support you however we can.

We provide online and phone support, as well as on-site service by one of our trained factory service personnel when necessary.

Call us toll free, 1-800-223-5395, when you need assistance with any of our products.



Field Service

If your CRYOTherm System is in need of repair, we can schedule a service call with one of our technicians. We can also work with your maintenance personnel via phone to resolve the issue.


User’s Manual & Filters

Enter your serial number to look up your specific CRYOTherm product information. This information includes filter types and sizes, as well as a PDF version of your User’s Manual.


Sanitation Store

Proper care of your CRYOTherm will extend the life of its components and provide a sanitary environment for your athletes. We are pleased to provide you with all the supplies you need.


These online tools allow you to identify problems and potentially return your systems to operational efficiency. As always, our team is here to help you when you need us.

Problem: Nothing happens when Power switch is switched “On”

Possible Cause:

  • The power cord unplugged.
  • The GFCI breaker tripped.
Problem: CRYOTherm won’t cool or heat

Possible Solution: 

  • Check that the water supply is on, then press and hold (for 3 seconds) the start button on the Electronic Unit Controller shown below.
  • Check that both pumps are on and pumping water.

    Electronic Unit Controller

Problem: Cloudy water

Possible Solution: 

  • Check filter cartridges.
Problem: Impaired water circulation

Possible Solution: 

  • Check pump suction fittings for debris.
  • Check filter cartridges.
Problem: Warm tank not holding temperature

Possible Solution: 

  • Check heater reset button.