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Easier Maintenance With CRYOTherm


Less Preparation Time


Higher Coach/Athlete Satisfaction


Higher Trainer Satisfaction

“Thanks for the great system. It gets used so much. It is easy to operate and clean!”

Sam DeRosa

Iona College

“Todd was great with the install and instructions. It was not a typical install and Todd was able to work with the issues without any problem.”

Dan Davies

Bowdoin College

“We appreciate all of the customer support as we began using the CRYOTherm system. Your assistance was greatly appreciated and helped us to ensure that we were able to maximize our use of the new tubs.”

Chuck Mathies

University of Western Ontario

“Excellent product and service.”

Charlie Thompson


“Great customer service—always accessible, attentive, and helpful.”

Bob Murphy

Georgia State Football

“CRYOTherm has been great. Easy to use and Clean! Thanks to all the great people at Grimm!!”

Tim Weesner

Iowa State

“We love it!”

Lizzy Kienstra

Kansas State Soccer

“We love the tubs! They’re great looking and functional! If we had more space, we’d get more/larger ones. One of the best buys we’ve made—athletes and coaches look at them on recruit visits.”

BJ Ercolino

Stony Brook University

“I am very satisfied with our CRYOTherm pool tubs. It has allowed us to give our athletes hot/cold hydrotherapy 24/7. It certainly has given us the option to utilize hydrotherapy the way it should be. Thank you. This has been a huge impact in caring for our athletes.”

Bill Murphy

University of Nebraska

“The unit is well manufactured and looks great. Customer service has been exceptional with ease of reaching someone on the phone who was knowledgeable and willing to take time to explain.”

Robert Carlson

Grapevine High School

“Athletes have loved the new whirlpools!”

Chris Nerio

The University of Tulsa

“Outstanding product and customer service from beginning of purchasing process through design, install, and ongoing care! Thanks Todd and all of Grimm.”

Chad Hyatt

Radford University

“Our athletes have utilized out hydrotherapy exponentially more since our upgrade to CRYOTherm units. Though we have had to work through a few electrical issues, we have been VERY pleased with the customer service and prompt repairs by Grimm staff members.”

Mark Leffler

University of Akron

“These tanks are already low maintenance, so the responsiveness of the Grimm staff is just a bonus.”

Ken Blood

Muskingum University

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